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Other Shoe

There is this guy who returns home very late at night, after getting drunk thoroughly. He lives on the first floor of a house. Every night he comes home, throws his heavy work boots into a corner [THUD- THUD ;-)] and crashes into the bed.

One morning, the guy living downstairs complained, "I don't mind your coming home late and all that, but please don't throw your shoes like that. They make awful noises and wake me up everyday." The drunkard apologized and said he would not do it anymore.

That night, again, he got drunk, as usual, came home, and THUD! threw one shoe into the corner out of habit. Then, he remembered his promise to the guy downstairs, and 'removed' his other shoe and kept it down in the corner very quietly.

Next morning, feeling good about his 'responsible behavior,' he asks the guy downstairs, "Hope I did not disturb you, yesterday. I am sorry about the first shoe, but I did keep my second shoe down very quietly" The other guy gives him a mean look, and says, "You bastard! I did not sleep all night, waiting for the other shoe to hit the floor."


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