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Creative Ways To Cope with Stress

  • Jam miniature marshmallows up your nose and sneeze them out. See how many you can do at a time.
  • Pop some popcorn without putting the lid on.
  • When someone says, "Have a nice day," say you have other plans.
  • Dance naked in front of your pets.
  • Tape pictures of your boss on watermelons and launch them from high places.
  • Leaf through "National Geographic" and draw underwear on the natives.
  • Tattoo "Out to Lunch" on your forehead.
  • Go shopping. Buy everything. Sweat in it. Return it the next day.
  • Buy a box of condoms. Ask the cashier where the fitting rooms are, and ask for help.
  • Read the dictionary backwards and look for subliminal messages.
  • Bill your doctor for time spent in his waiting room.
  • Replace the filling of a Twinkie with ketchup and put it back in the wrapper.
  • Stare at people through the tines of a fork and pretend they�re in jail.
  • Braid the hairs in each nostril.
  • Start a nasty rumor and see if you recognize it when it comes back to you.
  • Pay your electric bill in pennies.
  • Drive to work in reverse.
  • Find out what a frog in a blender really looks like.
  • Polish your car with earwax.

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