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Truye^.n Cu+o+`i Thie^'u Nhi
- Kie^`u Va(n -

Ca'i Ra^'t Quy'
Con trai :

- Ba o+i, tru+o+'c khi sa'ng che^' ra ti-vi thi` loa`i ngu+o+`i co' ca'i gi` ho+? ba ?

- Co' mo^.t thu+' ra^'t qui' con a..

- Thu+' gi` the^' ba ?

- Su+. ye^n ti~nh.

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Ca^'m Ca?... Sa'ng Ta.o
Mo^.t ho.c sinh tru+o+`ng lua^.t than vo+'i ba.n :

- Tha^`y mi`nhh o^?ng kho' ghe^, co' khi la.i co`n vo^ ly' nu+~a !

- Co' chuye^.n gi` the^' no'i nghe ?

- Chi'nh o^?ng ba?o tu.i mi`nh ddu+o+.c phe'p no'i go.n mo^.t so^' danh tu+` pha'p ly'. Vi' du. "lua^.t hi`nh su+." no'i ta('t la` "lua^.t hi`nh" ; "lua^.t da^n su+." tha`nh "da^n lua^.t" . A^'y the^' ma` khi mi`nh a'p sa'ng ta.o quy ta('c a^'y, o^?ng lie^`n cho mi`nh mo^.t ddie^?m kho^ng !

- Ca^.u a'p dun.g nhu+ the^' na` ?

- Mi`nh no'i go.n "lua^.t cha(m so'c va` ba?o ve^. ru+`ng" tha`nh "lua^.t ru+`ng", co' va^.y tho^i !

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Chuye^.n Thu+o+`ng
- Ne` tao no'i nghe : nho? Lie^n lo+'p mi`nh la`m nhu+... ngon la('m. Mo+'i ho^m no. tha^'y ddi xe Dream II vo+'i te^n na`o ddo', ma` ho^m nay tao tha^'y dda~ la.i ddi xe dda.p ro^`i ma`y a..

- "Nho? Lie^n" nghe lo?m ddu+o+.c ca^u chuye^.n, be`n tha?n nhie^n tra? lo+`i :

- O^`, tho+`i xu+a ngu+o+`i ta "le^n xe xuo^'ng ngu+.a" hoa(.c "le^n voi xuo^'ng cho'" ddu+o+.c thi` ba^y gio+` "le^n Dream xuo^'ng ddie^'c" cu~ng la` thu+o+`ng !

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Co' Lo+.i
Mo^.t chuo^.t me. da^~n hai chuo^.t con ddi da.o . Bo^~ng o+? dda^`u ddu+o+`ng xua^'t hie^.n mo^.t con me`o. Me`o nghe mu`i chuo^.t lie^`n hi?nh mu~i le^n dda'nh ho+i .

Chuo^.t me. vo^.i ke'o hai con va`o na^'p trong bu.i va` le^n ke^u to :

- Ga^u, ga^u...

Me`o ta tu+o+?ng la` cho', vo^.i va`ng bo? cha.y . Chuo^.t me. ung dung da('t hai con ddi va` da.y do^~ :

- DDo' ca'c con tha^'y chu+a : Me. bie^'t ddu+o+.c mo^.t thu+' ngoa.i ngu+~ tha^.t co' lo+.i ddo' chu+' !

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DDo^` Ngon
Ha?i :

- Tro+`i o+i, bu+~a nay nho? Ha` ddi xe toa`n la` ddo^` nha^.p kho^ng ta . Tui do`m la.i bie^'t lie^`n.

Ha` :

- Bie^'t sao ?

- Thi` su+o+`n cu?a DDa.i Ha`n, se^n DDu+'c, de` Mie^'n DDie^.n, co`n vo? ruo^.t cu?a Bungari...

- Sao bie^'t hay dza^.y ?

- Co' gi` dda^u ! Su+o+`n DDa.i Ha`n la` "ha`n dda.i" , se^n DDu+'c la` se^n u+a "ddu+'t" , de` Mie^'n DDie^.n la` "va(ng ra tu+`ng mie^'ng" , vo? ruo^.t Bungari la` "bung tu`m lum" .

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DDo^'i Thoa.i Vo+'i DDe^'
Mo^.t anh ho.c tro` ho?i DDe^' :

- Nga`i coi mo^.t trie^.u ddo^ la la` the^' na`o ?

- Ba(`ng mo^.t xu ! - DDe^' tra? lo+`i .

- The^' nga`i coi mo^.t ty? na(m la` the^' na`o ?

- Ba(`ng mo^.t gia^y !

Ngu+o+`i ho.c tro` be`n na(`n ni` :

- Va^.y xin nga`i la`m o+n cho to^i mo^.t xu ddi na`o !

- DDu+o+.c tho^i . - DDe^' tra? lo+`i - nhu+ng ha~y ddo+.i cho mo^.t gia^y !

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Ha't Ru
Mo^.t ma`y ra^u no^?i hu+'ng muo^'n tham gia cuo^.c thi... ha't ru . Cu+' dde^'n gio+` ra cho+i ha('n ta la.i ngo^`i trong lo+'p luye^.n : "ha~y ni'n ni'n ddi con, ha~y ngu? ngu? ddi con"... Che^'t no^~i ha('n... ho^?ng ai muo^'n nghe .

Ro^`i sau mo^.t a'o da`i pha?i buo^.t mie^.ng ha't nha'i : "ha~y ni'n ni'n ddi cha, ha~y ngu? ngu? ddi cha !" , khie^'n ma`y ra^u tha^.t su+.... cu.t hu+'ng !

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Ba.n trai :

- Tro+`i dda^'t quy? tha^`n o+i, sao te^'t na`y ba.n xinh the^'. Ho+n ha(?n nga`y thu+o+`ng !

- Xa.o hoa`i ! Ho^?ng da'm dda^u !

- Thie^.t ma`, nga`y thu+o+`ng ba.n xa^'u hoa('c a` !

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Tha^`y :

- Em ve^` nha` la`m nhu+~ng gi` ma` kho^ng chi.u la`m ba`i ta^.p ?

Ho.c sinh :

- Thu+a tha^`y, vu+`a ddi ho.c ve^` tha^'y nha` do.n co+m, em be`n "la`m mo^.t" , a(n xong em "la`m mo^.t gia^'c" dde^'n to^'i, sau bu+~a a(n to^'i em ra qua'n ca` phe^ "la`m mo^.t ly" . Nghe be^n ha`ng xo'm ha't karaoke, em cu~ng cha.y sang "la`m mo^.t ta(ng" to+'i khuya . Me^.t qua', em "la`m mo^.t gia^'c" dde^'n sa'ng. Em xin nha^.n lo^~i vo+'i tha^`y la` em dda~ "la`m bie^'ng ho.c" a. !

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Me^.t Lo^~ Tai
Hai nam sinh ddang no'i chuye^.n ri` ra^`m. Mo^.t a'o da`i o+? ga^`n ddo' la le^n :

- Ma^'y ngu+o+`i no'i chuye^.n nghe me^.t lo^~ tai qua' !

- U?a, ngu+o+`i ta no'i chuye^.n nho? ma`, dda^u co' la`m phie^`n gi` lo^~ tai ba.n ?

- Thi` ta.i ma^'y ngu+o+`i no'i nho? qua', to^i ra'ng nghe ma` kho^ng ro~ ne^n me^.t tai cho+' sao nu+~a !

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Mu+`ng Hu.t
Con ga'i :

- Ma' o+i, anh hai go+?i thu+ ve^` ma' dda~ ddo.c chu+a ?

- Chu+a, nhu+ng kho?i ca^`n ddo.c tao cu~ng bie^'t : cha('c no' la.i nha('c go+?i tie^`n cho no' cho+' gi` ?

- DDa^u co', ma', a?nh no'i ky` na`y ma' kho?i pha?i go+?i nu+~a ma^'t co^ng .

Ma' mu+`ng ro+~ :

- Hay qua' ha ? Cha('c anh con ho^`i na`y dda~ kie^'m ddu+o+.c vie^.c chi la`m the^m dde^? ddo+~ tie^`n go+?i cu?a nha`, ddu'ng kho^ng ?

- Da., kho^ng pha?i the^' dda^u a. ! a?nh no'i ky` na`y a?nh tu+. ve^` a?nh la^'y...

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Ngo^n Ngu+~ Hi`nh Ho.c
Tan tru+o+`ng, ca^.u tu' dduo^?i theo mo^.t a'o da`i :

- Xin cha`o "ha(`ng dda(?ng thu+'c dda'ng nho+'" cu?a anh !

A'o da`i ngo' qua ro^`i quay ddi :

- Xin lo^~i, to^i kho^ng quen anh .

- DDu'ng, kho^ng quen, nhu+ng nha^'t ddi.nh bo'ng hi`nh anh se~ la` "ddu+o+`ng tro`n ngoa.i tie^'p" tra'i tim em...

Co^ be' quay ma(.t "xi'" mo^.t ca'i ro~ da`i.

- Y', em du`ng "ddi.nh ly' ngu+o+.c" trong tru+o+`ng ho+.p na`y la` kho^ng ddu'ng ro^`i.

Nhu+ng co^ be' dda~ vo^.i va`o ngo~ re~ ro^`i quay ma(.t la.i :

- Xin tho^i ddi ca'i ba?n ma(.t... "tu+' gia'c lo^`i" !

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Phu+o+ng Pha'p Tha'o Mo^` Ho^i
Mo^.t sinh vie^n y khoa va`o pho`ng thi va^'n dda'p. Gia'o su+ ho?i :

- Anh ha~y tri`nh ba`y phu+o+ng pha'p la`m cho ngu+o+`i be^.nh tha'o mo^` ho^i ?

- To^i se~ cho be^.nh nha^n du`ng ca'c cha^'t no'ng.

- Vi' du. ?

- Nhu+ tra` no'ng, thuo^'c, nu+o+'c hoa ho^`i.

- Ne^'u ca'c thu+' ddo' kho^ng co^ng hie^.u ?

- To^i se~ cho du`ng da^`u xoa, cho ngu+?i e^phin .

- Ne^'u va^~n kho^ng ddu+o+.c thi` sao ?

- To^i se~ du`ng ca'c cu. thu?y nga^n .

- Ne^'u va^~n kho^ng co^ng hie^.u thi` sao ?

- To^i se~ cho du`ng ca'c thu+' thuo^'c nhu+ saphoran, xanxape^ren...

- Ne^'u ta^'t ca? nhu+~ng phu+o+ng pha'p cu?a anh dde^`u kho^ng ddu? co^ng hie^.u ?

Anh sinh vie^n ru't kha(n tay lau mo^` ho^i ddang tu'a ra dda^`m ddi`a tre^n ma(.t tra? lo+`i :

- Thi` to^i se~ ddu+a be^.nh nha^n dde^'n thi va^'n dda'p vo+'i gia'o su+ !

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Thie^'u Te^' Nhi.
Ti'ch :

- Ma`y xem : tao ddeo ca'i la('c cha^n ho+.p tho+`i nhu+ va^.y ma` nho? Ha` da'm ba?o tao gio^'ng "cho' con" nha` no', the^' co' tu+'c kho^ng ?

- Tro+`i dda^'t, sao no' la.i thie^'u te^' nhi. qua' va^.y ?

- Cho ne^n tao mo+'i tu+'c.

- Du` te^. nha^'t thi` no' cu~ng chi? ne^n no'i ma`y gio^'ng "ca^?u con" nha` no' tho^i mo+'i pha?i cho+' !

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Va Nho?
Mo^.t ba.n ga'i co' tha^n hi`nh kho^ng ddu+o+.c... nhe. nha`ng ma^'y, cha(?ng may ddang ddi pha?i mo^.t ba.n nam o^'m tong teo, la`m cha`ng ta dda^m ca'u :

- DDi ddu+'ng nhu+ va^.y ha?? Ca'i ddo^`... qua ca^`u sa^.p !

Ba.n ga'i cu~ng kho^ng vu+`a :

- Lo+~ mo^.t chu't xi'u ma` dda~ la lo^'i om so`m ! Tha^.t la` ca'i ddo^`... qua ca^`u gio' bay !

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